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WEB TV PTV SPORTS (Pakistani sports channel)

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Being actually the National sporting activities stations, PTV Sports is actually predestined to relay online global as well as native sporting activities events.

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Nothing can beat Youtube when it comes to watching TV series, movies or music. Youtube is the top video curating sites of the modern era. Now, when the world has sense the penetration of Youtube, many big banners are making their dodear movies public on Youtube. I’ve been using Youtube for watching Hindi  & Telugu movies. Do a simple Youtube search and check if the movie is listed or not. If you are willing to per movie then You can always rent and watch Hindi movies. All regional and Hindi movies on nominal fees. One need to pay minimum Rs 25 for a movie. Select, pay and watch. As simple as that. Also, I bet you will find many Hindi movies that are hard to find on any other website

History of the Panagbenga

The Panagbenga started with just an idea that Baguio City should, like other towns and cities in the Philippines, have it's own "fiesta" or festival celebration. 
Having been created a city by the Americans during their occupation of the Philippines,
 Baguio did not start as a town during the Spanish colonial period that had a patron saint with a feast day.

What more can dramanice Korean Movies offer?

If you are fans of Korean movies or Korean drama, you may have stumbled upon some websites that promise you the drama or movies you want to watch after you pay them some money.
However, once you have given them money, they will let you stream their few collections of dramas or movies, but in a low resolution. 
If you were once the victim of this kind of website,


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